close up of human hand
close up of human hand

This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

Taylor Swift and Christianity

Taylor Swift has been performing in Australia this past week, so lots of attention on her down here. I appreciate David Robertson’s balanced perspective.

Like an iPhone, Only Much More So

Tim Challies reflects on Apple’s new Vision Pro.

30 People in the New Testament Confirmed

Our faith doesn’t depend on this kind of evidence, but this evidence does speak to the trustworthiness of the Bible. We shouldn’t be surprised when archaeology backs up the Word of God.

How to Face Apparent Contradictions in the Gospels

Michael Kruger: “When faced with an apparent contradiction, sometimes we need to take a deep breath. Even if we don’t have an answer, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Sometimes we just have to wait. Sometimes we have to do the hard historical work. And sometimes (really, all the time) we have to trust.”

When Leonard Cohen Tried to Hijack Communion

Can you guess which song? Despite what many assume, it’s not Christian.


Who Should Treat Depression?

“Even today there are Reformed believers who want to maintain the old view that a spiritual issue is the root cause of most (maybe even all) depression. This view insists that depression is directly caused by the sufferer’s sin and then the solution to depression rests in repentance. According to this perspective, pastors, elders, and regular believers, should call depression-sufferers to determine the sin which caused their anguish and turn from it.”