Noah, the Flood, and the New World — Sermon Series on Genesis 6-9

17 July 2023 by Wes Bredenhof

Over the last few months I’ve been preaching through Genesis 6-9. What a fascinating section of Scripture! As you go through it, all kinds of ancient and modern issues arise: intermarriage with non-believers, racism, the value of human life, capital punishment, drunkenness, creation care, and more. Not only that, but I also had the opportunity to address (from the text) the idea that the Flood was just a local phenomenon and not global. If you’d like to read or watch the sermons, the links are below:

When God’s wrath is provoked, there are consequences (Gen. 6:1-4) — sermon notes, video

Even though it’s so bad, God will defeat sin (Gen. 6:5-8) — sermon notes, video

In wrath God remembers mercy (Gen. 6:9-22) — sermon notes, video

To be saved, get in the Ark! (Gen. 7:11-16) — sermon notes, video

You can always trust God to remember and keep his promises (Gen. 8:1-19) — sermon notes, video

God provides the offering which brings propitiation (Gen. 8:20-22) — sermon notes, video

God highly values human life and therefore we should too (Gen. 9:1-7) — sermon notes, video

God’s covenant with nature is a great encouragement in an uncertain world (Gen. 9:8-17) — sermon notes, video

Trust God to deliver on everything he’s promised (Gen. 9:18-29) — sermon notes, video