This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

The Abuse of Headship in the Home

This is really well-said! Victor Sholar writes, “May I submit to you that the biblical role of husbands and wives under the model of headship and submission is not superior and subject, not conquer and surrender, but servant and co-servant? In other words, a wife serves her husband by submitting to him, and a husband serves his wife by loving her sacrificially.” Yes! This is complementarianism at its best.

Journalists Stop By Shelter To Inform Trafficked Children They Are A QAnon Conspiracy

Satire is now getting close to real life. I find it astonishing that the same types of media outlets that defended Netflix’s Cuties are criticizing The Sound of Freedom. They defend evil, but then argue that anyone who exposes actual evil is a conspiracy theorist. I don’t get it.

Why We Need to Hear Sermons in Person

You can still be blessed by a live-stream and sometimes it’s the only option, but in person is always optimal.

How the Sexual Revolution brought us euthanasia

What a selfish world we live in. And we’re all part of the problem.

20 Slices of Cheese?!

This is just something wild and wacky. Would you eat it?


What I Won’t Tell You If You’re Depressed

“Each Sunday as I look out over my congregation from the pulpit, I’m aware that a fair few of the members are struggling with their mental health. At times I get invited into their lives and have an opportunity to give encouragement. Over the years, from my experiences and from reading, I’ve learned there are some things that aren’t helpful to say to someone struggling with things like clinical depression.”