This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

How Many New Testament Manuscripts Do We Have From the Second Century?

It’s really quite remarkable, especially when you remember that “second century” means in the 100s. Now the relative quality of those early manuscripts is an issue for some other time.

How Abusers Groom Their Victims (and Everyone Else)

This is a bit of a longish read, but I promise it’ll be worth your while.

Repelling Satan’s Temptations with Scripture

Octavius Winslow has some sage advice for spiritual warfare.

If I Were an Abuser, What Church Would I Want to Attend?

Is your church a safe place for abusers? It’s something we have to think about. Yes, we want to maintain what the Bible teaches about male/female roles in marriage and the church, but it has to be *fully* based on what the Bible teaches, including the modelling of all this on Christ. How does Christ lead his bride?

Girolamo Zanchi on Sin in the Life of the Believer

Chris Gordon: In his great work Speculum Christianum or The Christian Survey of Conscience, Girolamo Zanchi addressed at length the Reformed view of Romans 7 as the regenerate man’s struggle against sin, a view he assures was held by all the learned divines. He makes a crucial distinction that in the regenerate is a double-man. The Christian, he says, has a fundamental quality that is different from that of the unbeliever. When a regenerate man sins, “he sins only in the flesh and not with the whole will and the whole heart.”