This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

The Procedure

This powerful new video from Choice 42 just dropped on October 31. Trigger warning: this video is rather confronting with the truth about abortion. If you’ve experienced trauma around things like early child loss, you might be better off not viewing. Still, the truth needs to be told. This is the greatest human rights atrocity of our generation.

No, dinosaur tissue isn’t immortal

When paleontologists discover soft dinosaur tissue instead of fossils, what does it mean?

The great evangelical deconstruction

Albert Mohler reports on how Calvin University in Grand Rapids has decided to allow faculty to be excused from holding to the Christian Reformed Church’s views on human sexuality and gender identity. Having maintained a biblical position on those issues, will the Christian Reformed Church also have the conviction to reign in Calvin before it does more damage? My prediction: Calvin will become independent of the CRCNA.

Is Jesus Still King?

Samuel Sey echoes my current thoughts on Kanye. Here’s something I wrote earlier on him. Always be cautious with celebrity “Christians,” for their sake and yours. Remember: the gospel doesn’t gain credibility because a celebrity claims to believe in it.

“I thought he was gonna drop”

I grew up in the 80s in Edmonton during the Oilers’ dynasty days. Talking to a fellow expat from Edmonton a few days ago, this event came up. I had completely forgotten about it! But it happened: a boxing match between a famous Oilers enforcer and none other than Muhammad Ali.

Two Years Later: What Aileen Is Thankful For

I can’t fully imagine how hard it must be to lose a child like the Challies did. But Aileen helps me understand a little more.

On the Day of the Dead

We think of October 31 as either Reformation Day or Halloween. In Mexico, it’s something quite a bit more macabre. My missionary cousin Scott explains.

The Little Man of God’s Eye

From another one of my cousins comes this great explanation of a biblical phrase. For the past 7+ years, Reuben has been serving a Free Reformed congregation in Western Australia. He’s now about to head off for a career in teaching a new generation of pastors at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Ontario. I’m sure he’ll be a blessing there!