Many years back, when I was a missionary, I chatted with a United Reformed colleague about catechism preaching. He was fresh out of seminary — I’d only been out 3-4 years myself. He wondered how it would be possible to keep preaching fresh sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism year after year. I mentioned that in the past, there were books published in Dutch containing brief sermon outlines on the Catechism. One of them is pictured above. I also mentioned that I’d been collecting themes of sermons from other preachers for a couple of years already. He asked if I could make that available publicly. It took me a few years to finish all 52 Lord’s Days. I made it available on the previous version of my blog.

Unfortunately, something happened to all the .html files that I uploaded to Internet Archive — I don’t know what. For the last couple of years they haven’t been accessible. Last year, with Rosalyn Poort’s invaluable assistance, I was able to get this new website up and running. Since some have been asking about the Heidelberg Catechism Themes, I’ve been working over the last few weeks to reconstruct this resource here. I’m pleased to announce that the work is now complete. Each Lord’s Day features at least 10 themes for preaching. Many of those themes include the Scripture readings. I hope this resource will continue to be useful for colleagues who regularly do catechism preaching. You can find it here.