Reformed Defence of the Faith Course

9 November 2021 by Wes Bredenhof

Back in September, I was invited to teach an apologetics course at the Free Reformed Church of Southern River in Western Australia. According to the syllabus:

This course aims to introduce you to the basics of knowing and doing Reformed apologetics.  We’ll first review the biblical foundations and then spend most of our time looking at applications.  This course will give you personal confidence in the objective truth of the Christian faith, as well as emboldening you for sharing the gospel in everyday life.

The topics covered under applications:

  • The Problem of Evil
  • The Resurrection of Jesus
  • Contradictions in the Bible
  • The Challenge of Science
  • LGBTQ-Affirming Christianity
  • Atheism (via the debate between Clark/Ellis and White/Durbin)

You can find the complete set of video recordings of the course here.

You can also download a file with the syllabus and all the handouts here.

For the last session on atheism, we watched a debate between two atheists and two Christians. You can also watch that debate here separately: