Yesterday I wrapped things up with my old blog, Yinkahdinay. While all the old posts have been transferred to this new site, this post does mark a new beginning. Before I say anything else, I need to make a big shout out to the website developer who put this new site together for me. Rosalyn Poort did wonderful work — you can check out her website here for more info on the fantastic work she does.

If you subscribed by e-mail to Yinkahdinay, you should automatically have been subscribed to this site as well. For those who haven’t, one way to keep up with the content is by an e-mail subscription — if you’re on a computer, there’s a place to do that on the right hand side of this page. Another handy way of keeping up with the content here is with the RSS feed and an aggregator like Feedly. This is my preferred way of keeping up with the blogs I read.

Going forward with this new website, the content is going to be much the same as before. Mostly I’ll write blog post-type articles and book reviews. My normal routine is to try to post some content at least once per week (unless I’m on vacation). From time to time, I’ll try to share links that I’ve put out there on my Facebook author page. Many of the resources I had on Yinkahdinay have been exported to this site. One notable exception is the page with the Heidelberg Catechism themes and divisions. For some reason the source HTML files have been unworkable for some time. In the near future, I hope to get all this content up again using pages on this site. It may take me some time, so please be patient.

I look forward to having you join me here. If you have any questions or feedback, you can message me through my Facebook author page or through our church’s online contact form here.