This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

10 Safeguards for Church Nurseries and Children’s Ministry

Protecting the “little lambs” should be one of the top priorities for every church.

Reading with Ancient Eyes

This past week I did another live Q & A on Facebook. One of the questions had to do with the three household baptisms mentioned in the New Testament and whether it’s legitimate to assume these included children. I referred to this excellent talk on the subject by Dr. W. den Hollander from the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary.


I’m currently teaching a New Members Class. During last week’s class we started talking about the doctrine of the last things (eschatology). One of the best places to find free online resources on Reformed eschatology is Dr. Kim Riddlebarger’s website.

Beginning at the End of All Things: Abraham Kuyper’s and Klaas Schilder’s Eschatological Visions of Culture

An interesting article from the latest issue of Themelios, but one where you may find yourself swimming in the deep end. But hey, go ahead, challenge yourself.

What We Got Wrong in Afghanistan?

As we watch things fall apart in Afghanistan, we’re all wondering this. This is some interesting analysis, but it doesn’t address the question of whether we should be sticking our noses in other nations’ business in the first place.

Trans Mission

An important, eye-opening documentary. Worth 55 minutes of your time.