The other day I posted the 800th blog post to Yinkahdinay.  That makes this #801.  That makes this as good as time as any to look back at the top ten posts of the last six years.  These are not selected by me, but indicated by the statistics — number of views.  Some may be surprising, others not.

# 1 — SR-71 Blackbird

I once posted a little item about the famous spy-plane.  Because so many people Google this one, invariably some of them end up here.

#2 — The Definitive Christian Review of the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (books and movies) have been popular, but a link from Tim Challies always helps to boost readership.

#3 — The Devil Hates You and has a Terrible Plan for Your Life (1 Peter 5:8-11)

Sermons usually don’t garner a lot of reads here.  But I think the title of this one grabs attention.  Confession:  I borrowed the title from my friend Rev. Tom Reid, an RPCNA minister.  Thanks, Tom!

#4 — The Gospel According to…Bart Simpson?

Again, it’s apparently the juxtaposition between these two unlikely items that draws attention.  This blog post was originally an article arguing for the regulative principle of worship by pointing out the silliness that can result when this (confessional) principle is ignored.

#5 — Ecclesiology of the New Calvinism

What are some “new Calvinists” saying about the doctrine of the church?  How should we evaluate their stance?  This post answered that with a review of a book entitled Creature of the Word.

#6 — Challenges Facing the Canadian Reformed Churches

Some observations I made before departing the CanRCs.  Did I ever stir up a hornet’s nest with this one!  Some readers found reason for reluctant agreement, but others were quite upset about this one.

#7 — Reflections on the CanRC Synodical Decision to Allow Women to Vote in Congregational Elections

Posts on controversial subjects always draw readers, whether we like it or not.  I wrote this after the CanRC Synod in 2010.  Since then, another synod has rolled back this decision, but some local churches are planning to appeal.  The story is not yet over.

#8 — The Gospel Under the Northern Lights

Over the years, I’ve published many excerpts from books, but for some reason this one tops out.  This is an excerpt from my missionary memoir, The Gospel Under the Northern Lights.

#9 — Letter to a Friend

What are the differences between historic Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church?  Do these differences still hold?

#10 — URCNA Letter to CanRC

I’ve followed the developments of the relationship between the URCNA and CanRC for as long as I can remember.  This is just one of many posts that I wrote on it.  This letter was from 2010 — at this time, the URCNA committed themselves in writing to “unity in concrete and discernable ways.”  Though no longer CanRC, I would still love to see that relationship become more concrete and discernible.