Top Five Events in CanRC History

29 November 2011 by Wes Bredenhof

So what are the five most important events in the history of the Canadian Reformed Churches?  This is my list.  I hope to flesh this out into a series of articles in the near future.

1.  Establishment of our seminary in Hamilton in 1969.

2.  Publication of a final, complete Book of Praise (Anglo-Genevan Psalter) in 1984.

3.  Establishment of Canadian Reformed Magazine (later Clarion) in 1951.

4.  Recognition of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church as a true church at Synod Coaldale in 1977, and the subsequent establishment of ecclesiastical fellowship with the OPC at Synod Neerlandia 2001.

5.  Sending of the first missionaries to Irian Jaya (1960) and Brazil (1970).

A runner-up:  The establishment of William of Orange school in New Westminster, BC (1955) and other schools shortly afterwards.